Morrisons is coming to Abergavenny, but will it be cycling friendly?

Morrisons supermarkets has submitted plans for a new superstore in Abergavenny town centre, on the site of the former livestock market.



Abergavenny Cycle Group has made a response to the planning application. We believe much more can and should be done to seize the opportunity to improve conditions for cycling in the town, particularly by improving links from the town centre and market hall to Bailey Park and onwards to Mardy and other residential areas in the north of the town.

We have based our arguments on existing Monmouthshire County Council planning policies and the new Active Travel Act (Wales) 2013, which places new duties on local authorities and highways agencies to improve conditions for walking and cycling.

You can read our submission here (PDF download, includes annotated site map).

You can read the planning application here.

Please feel free to make your own submissions (by 25 November 2016) to quoting reference DC/2016/00895.